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Yacht Maintenance, Refit & Repair

All the yachts, without an exception, need maintenance and repair. It is necessary for the safety of the yacht and for the preservation of the working conditions of the equipment, which guarantees the safety of the crew and guests on yacht.

For the yacht, always to keep its “brilliance” and modern look, a partial or complete occasional refit is advisable. The properly selected style of re-design can unrecognizably change the look of the yacht and give a new life even to the battered yachts.

Our company provides the highly professional maintenance and repair services of the super yachts, motor yachts and the sailing yachts. Our assortment includes the entire spectrum of services, which might be necessary for the owners of the yachts, ranging from a small cosmetic treatment up to a full-scale refit of the vessel.

Thanks to the technical base and to the quick delivery of the spare parts and any materials or equipment required, our company all year round is able to perform the following activities:

  • Lifting / launching the yacht, dry-dock, short-term moorage, yacht winterizing,
  • Refit, constructional change of the vessel’s hull and superstructure, outside appearance re-design, full re-equipment of the yacht,
  • Steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood works on the hull,
  • Repair and refit of the interior, layout alteration, new interiors implementation, using the precious wood and other modern materials,
  • Hydro-blasting and sand-blasting cleaning of the hull, coating, priming of the surfaces and preparation for painting,
  • Painting of the hull and superstructure with special paints, with a strict observance of the technology,
  • Teakwood decking works and carpentry,
  • Full service maintenance of the engines and the equipment of the yachts, seasonal technical inspection and all the vessel systems’ diagnostics,
  • Repair, replacement or upgrade of the piping system, heating, air-conditioning, electrical wiring, electronic and electrical equipment, engines and machinery,
  • Transmission and propeller repair, anodes replacement,
  • Other works on request.

Our main priority is an adherence to the customers’ requirements and maximum realization of his wishes. We are ready to qualitatively complete the task of any difficulty within the time specified.