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Terms of use of the website

Terms of use of the website www.saltwater-yachts.com

Acceptance to the present Agreement
The agreement "Terms of use of the website," according to which clients and users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") can use the site www.saltwater-yachts.com .
Access to this website and uses of information available on it are regulated according to the present agreement.
Visiting and using this website, you thoroughly accept the terms and conditions specified in the given agreement. If you don't accept the mentioned terms and conditions, please, restrain yourself from using this web site.

In the given Agreement "Terms of Use of the Website," the following terms are used:
"Site" and "Website" - the site of company Saltwater Yachts located at the electronic address: www.saltwater-yachts.com .
"Clients" and "Users" - physical and legal entities who use this site or get benefit from the services of the company Saltwater Yachts.
"Privacy policy" - document defining how company Saltwater Yachts uses and protects any information which you submit while using the site www.saltwater-yachts.com .
"Service(s)" - any functions, resources, appendices, information and other services supplied through the given website.
"Terms of Use of the Website" and "Agreement" - the present terms and conditions and the rules of the company specified in the given document.
"You" are any person having access to or using the given site.
"We," "our(s)" and "us" – the company Saltwater Yachts and its official representatives.

Changes in the website, software and offered services
The company Saltwater Yachts reserves to itself the right:
• To change or remove (temporarily or forever) the website or its any part(s) completely without any prior notification.
•To change, delete, or bring to a stop any software, promotion of the goods/services at any moment without any prior notification.
• To change or discontinue any discounts, advertizing discount vouchers or coupon codes at any moment giving the prior notification.
Accepting the given agreement, you agree that we don't bear any responsibility for any such changes or removals.

References to other sites
Our site can contain references to separate independent web sites. However, as soon as you pass onto these links, leaving our site, you become users of these sites. You should take into account that we don't supervise such websites and do not bear any responsibility for them, as well as we don't bear responsibility for any losses or damages of any character, suffered by you as a result of:
• Access and/or use of your personal data due to your visits to such websites;
• Uses and/or acquisition of any or all kinds of goods, services or products advertized or accessible on these websites, or through them.
It is necessary for you to make your own independent decision concerning the work with these web sites, preliminary getting familiar with their "Terms of Use" and "Privacy policy".

The given site and its maintenance are protected by copyrights of © Saltwater Yachts 2011-2014. All rights reserved.
Saltwater Yachts and the logotype of Saltwater Yachts are trademarks which belong to the company Saltwater Yachts. They cannot be used, copied or reproduced in any form without the prior written approval from the company Saltwater Yachts.
The text, graphics and HTML-code on www.saltwater-yachts.com comprise intellectual property of the company Saltwater Yachts and are protected by Greek, USA, EU and international copyright laws. They can't be copied, reprinted, published, translated, placed or used otherwise (including oral use) by any means without the written approval from the company Saltwater Yachts.
All other trademarks, names of products, names of the companies and logotypes, photos, texts and html-codes presented on the site www.saltwater-yachts.com are the property of their corresponding owners. The company Saltwater Yachts isn't connected with any other companies which own similar names.

Restriction of responsibility
The website and its contents are given on conditions "as is" and "as accessible". We refuse granting of any guarantees, obvious and implied, including any guarantees of accuracy, observance of the rights and suitability for use in desired purposes.
Except for the cases forbidden by the law, under no circumstances do we bear responsibility in front of you for any direct or indirect losses or damages, including losses of business, profit, data, opportunities, proceeding from/in connection with the use of the website.
We don't guarantee that the site www.saltwater-yachts.com will work smoothly or without errors. We don't undertake any obligations or the guarantees obviously expressed or implied, concerning accuracy, reliability, completeness, suitability, reliability of any information maintenance within the limits of the site or sites to which we refer.

Applicable law and settlement
The present Agreement and all questions, which proceed from it, are regulated and interpreted according to the legislation of Greece courts of which have the exclusive jurisdiction in reference with all disputes arising in connection with the present agreement. Accepting the given agreement, you agree that the place of execution of the present Agreement is Greece and refuse any objections against such governing law.

Headings are used only for the convenience of reading, and shouldn't be used for the interpretation of clauses of the present Agreement.

The full Agreement
The present "Terms of Use of the Website" together with any documents which are specified in them, contains the full agreement between the company Saltwater Yachts and the users of the website, concerning the covered matter, and replaces all previous agreements, arrangements, obligations or offers, both written and oral. No oral explanations or oral information, given by any party, can change due interpretation of these conditions.
Having agreed to these terms and conditions, you recognize only those provisions about which it is directly declared in these terms of use and you agree that there won't be applied any legal remedies concerning any unintentional distortion of meaning occurring in the present Agreement.

Revision of the Terms of Use of the Website
The company Saltwater Yachts reserves the right to itself to add, delete or amend any provisions (clauses) of the present Agreement at any time without the prior notification. You bear responsibility to perform periodic check-ups of the present Terms of Use on the presence of amendments. If you continue to use the website after its modification it means that you accept the mentioned amendments.
The present "Terms of Use of the Website," comes into force since 14th November 2015. For the information please contact by the e-mail: .