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About us

Our team in Saltwater Yachts is well known in both domestic and international yachting markets, for it’s wide range of services provided.

The key aspects of our specialization are:

  • yacht brokerage
  • yacht charter
  • new construction
  • refit, upgrades and repair
  • yachts management
  • charter management
  • yacht insurance

Our staff is a cohesive team of like-minded professionals; it helps us to quickly and efficiently perform the tasks at any level of complexity. It is our pleasure to solve enthusiastically the complex problems by developing new projects for our customers.

We impose ourselves with an innovative, attractive and effective approach, while we use our deep background and high professionalism for reaching unbelievable goals.

The most interesting and functional innovations in the field of  yachting are directly reflected on our proposals, and our solutions allow owners to use their yachts as a wonderful tool for a memorable experience.

We highly care of our excellent reputation, gained by hard working and conscientious attitude to our business, thus we only cooperate with the partners with an equally flawless performance. This allows us to give an absolute guarantee of maximum efficiency in each management solution offered to our customers.